Opening Session
8th April 2024

I-TBI Cell, SOPHITORIUM is organizing a 5 days Boot Camp on “Drone-The Future of Mobility” from 8th April 2024 to 12th April 2024, in collaboration with National Institute of Electronics and information Technology, Bhubaneswar. The inaugural meeting started with lighting the lamp and introductory speech by Sri S.K.Acharya. The programme was inaugurated by Sri Sanjay Ku Srivastava, CEO, Skill Development Institute, Taraboi, Jatni, Khurda, Officials from NIELIT and Prof (Dr) H.M.Padhy Principal and Programme Coordinator I-TBI. Dr Padhy gave details about unmanned Aerial Vehicle, popularly known as Drone, which is one of the thrust areas in today’s world where it can be used for delivery to medicines, spraying of pesticides in agriculture, monitoring and analysis of soil moisture, military applications and many more. Sri Ashis Kumar Mathur Jt. Director NIELIT and Sri Uma Kanta Tripathy, Deputy Director,NIELIT explained about Boot Camp and introduction on Programme outlay and brief on Boot camp respectively. Sri Srivastava The CEO, SDI explained the importance of Skilling and encouraged the participants to set up their own enterprises. Sri B.M. Mangaraj gave vote of thanks on the occasion. About 40 final year students participated on the Boot camp. The five days camp focuses on Basis of Drone Technology, Types of Drones, and a comprehensive study of all electronic components used, flight mechanics of Drone, DGCA rules and regulations, applications of Drones, field visit/practical exposure to Drones. The Boot Camp aims to help the students in getting the opportunities in the area of Drone technology and they can plan for their career in this area and thereby get inspiration and ideas to own start-ups benefitting the society.

This event serves as a testament to Sophitorium’s commitment to providing students with exposure to emerging technologies and practical knowledge that prepares them for the dynamic job market. It is hoped that Boot camps like these will continue to inspire students to explore the exciting world of drone Technology and consider its future applications in their future careers. ************

DATE - 8th April 2024