Holi Celebration
25th March 2024
A Report on Holi Celebration
25th March 2024

A Report on Holi Celebration 2024 25th March 2024, Tuesday. Sophitorium organized Holi Festival 2024 on March 25, 2024 from 2:30 pm onwards in front of the campus lawn. The event was scheduled just one day before Holi so that all staff members and students could participate and celebrate the festival with great pomp and fervor at the Institute. More than 250 students along with faculty members and staff took part in this event. Prof(Dr) H.M.Padhy, Principal, Sophitorium greeted and wished the entire Sophitorium family and said that Holi is also a festival of love which is aimed at spreading the message of peace and happiness. Prof (Dr) Pranati Mishra, Director, SGI on her talk told that Holi gets us closer to our religion and our mythology as it is essentially the celebration of various legends associated with the festival. Celebration of the various legends associated with Holi reassures us the power of the truth as the moral of all these legends is the ultimate victory of good over evil. It helps us to bring the society together and strengthen the secular fabric of our country. Some of the faculty members motivated the students for playing safe holy in the campus. The staff members put tilak, gathered to play “Holi” and enjoyed the event.

The efforts of the participants were recognized and appreciated by the jury which was made up by Shri Ashis Kumar Mathur, Jt.Director and Shri Uma Kanta Tripathy, Deputy Director, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Bhubaneswar.

DATE - 25th March 2024